Anti-Israel Activists Use Photo Of Yemenite Girl, Lie And Say She Is A Burned Palestinian Girl Harmed By Israel

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Israel soldier shoots palestinian girl. A spokesperson for the hillel yaffe medical centre in the city of Hadera confirmed to Ma’an that the Palestinian was being operated there, adding that she was in "critical condition". Later, the Israeli occupation forces closed the main road connecting the Jenin governorate with Tulkarm, as well as the villages and towns near Yabed in Jenin.

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President Trump Cuts Funding to UN After Anti-Israel Vote. Guatemala Says she is Moving Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. CNN: It’s a Wonderful Life’ Is Inherently Sexist,’ Should Be Retired’ Theresa May’s Conservative government trying to block Obama invite to royal wedding

Israeli chef gets anti-Semitic threat after critic pans NY restaurant prices (The Times of Israel). Ethiopian-Israeli community has hit boiling point, leading activist says (The. Ora Namir, former minister and women's rights advocate, dies (Haaretz). Iran didn't ask for this crisis, but it won't stand for Trump's bullying | Hossein.

Ted Bachara In an email to Quartz, Turel and Bachara write: This is like the idea that most of us. people’s attention and orchestrating people’s lives.” Harris explained at TED last April. “I want you to.

But the Yemenite Children Affair is especially painful because it touches on the Ashkenazi-Mizrachi divide, an uneasy subtext to politics, class, religion and other aspects of life in Israel.

 · When asked why she is lying, she is unable to understand the question, acts astonished, bursts out crying, or seeks to pacify him by smiling. She cannot understand the ethical and transcendent side of lying or the fact that a lie represents damage to being and, as was acknowledged in ancient Iran, constitutes a crime even worse than killing. . . .

I didn’t comment on the mini-controversy where sen. lindsay graham (R-SC) seemed to think only Black people are on medicaid.But it fit very nicely with a broader truism among scholars of American race relations, which is that programs which benefit the poor nearly invariably are seen in the public eye as programs benefiting Blacks (think welfare). And that, in turn, connects with Victor Davis.

Email a copy of "We Must Know the Truth About What Happened to Israel’s Yemenite Children" to a friend. Email a copy of "We Must Know the Truth About What Happened to Israel’s Yemenite.

Nasrallah: No peace in Middle East as long as Israel exists. One subject Nasrallah did not broach in the interview is the assassination last February of the group’s second-in-command, Imad Mughniyeh. Nasrallah did not discuss how or when his group would avenge the killing. Recent Israeli intelligence reports, however,

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