Birds of Belmar

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The riparian area south of the Plum Creek Delta footbridge was quite birdy. The best bird was a Blackpoll Warbler. Other birds included a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Yellow-rumped Warblers, 2 Orange-crowned Warblers, a Wilson’s Warbler and a Western Wood-pewee. By this time, traffic around Denver was terrible so we headed over to Deer Creek Park.

Walk around the beautiful riparian habitat of Belmar Park, looking for spring migrants, water birds, and ducks. Ducks found at Belmar in spring include pied-billed grebes, gadwalls, Northern shovelers, teals, and sometimes wood ducks.

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Dr. James McKinley, Board Certified Avian Specialist, former owner of Amwell Bird Hospital, joins Barnside Veterinary Hospital.

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Belmar and Shark River are very close proximity to the Shark River Inlet . The Belmar. Diving birds are a sure sign there are Bluefish in the area. The most.

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