‘Dobby’ elf creature mystery is ‘SOLVED’ as experts says CCTV is not doctored

‘Dobby’ elf creature mystery is ‘SOLVED’ as experts says CCTV is not doctored . TOM YUCK . Thai restaurant diners horrified as fluid from a CORPSE leaks through ceiling . IN PLAIN SIGHT . Mum finds creep ‘secretly living in attic above 14-year-old daughter’s room’.

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 · Dobby is a free elf! bizarre video showing creature walking down a driveway sets social media abuzz, and some liken it to the harry potter character vivian gomez posted a.

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Social media users hit out after the force put a case study on Facebook about ‘Sheila’, a 65-year-old woman who was helped to stay in an abusive relationship. Cops in Essex put a case study on.

 · Dobby’ elf creature mystery is SOLVED’ as experts says CCTV is not doctored tom yuck thai restaurant diners horrified as fluid from a CORPSE leaks through ceiling

Security camera captures odd creature, and viewers have theories. A video posted on Facebook by Vivian Gomez has gone viral, not because. Dobby?" Tweeted @Static_Security on Twitter, referencing an elf. may be doctored, while others say that someone could have created an elf-like puppet.

Mystery of ‘Dobby’ elf creature seen in viral CCTV ‘SOLVED’ by web sleuths as expert says footage has NOT been thesun.co.uk – Samantha Lock and Jon Lockett A MYSTERIOUS elf-like creature spotted on CCTV footage wandering outside a woman’s home could have been identified by internet sleuths.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: Blu-ray Call me old-fashioned, I was far more turned on by the swashbuckling action in the first half hour of “POC4,” than the entire search for.

Security camera captures mysterious creature: ‘What the heck?’ The camera is only activated by a motion sensor. On Wednesday, it emailed him a picture that shows what he says looks like an angel hovering over his truck, then moving out of the Clark says it’s difficult to say for sure what the figure in the photos is, but it’s possible an insect set off that motion sensor.

A GLASS-floored ledge on the 103rd floor of a Chicago skyscraper CRACKED as a family stepped on it on Monday. Footage taken by frightened tourists shows the shattered transparent floor of a viewing platform at the city’s famous Willis Tower.

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