Guy Finds Out What Happens When You Pour Liquid Nitrogen Directly Into The Ocean

Why Liquid Nitrogen Is Dangerous. When an 18-year-old British reveler was rushed to the hospital after ingesting a cocktail prepared with liquid nitrogen, questions arose about the safety of using the chemical in the kitchen

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Answer Wiki. Now, lets suppose, a pool with such liquid is being maintained at that temperature for sufficiently long time. As soon as the person drops into it, he/she gets it vaporized due to heat transfer from the body. One could observe some kind of effervescence in this system! Nitrogen is comparatively inert at low temperatures,

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Actually, there’s no chemistry whatsoever here. It’s pure physics at work. Before and after the reaction you have the same compounds, only in a different physical state. A liquid is transformed in a gas and another liquid is transformed into ice.

Also, liquid nitrogen has a very low heat capacity, and lava has a very high heat capacity. You’d need a hell of a lot of liquid nitrogen to cool lava very much. You are neglecting the latent heat of vaporization. Phase changes require a pretty large amount of heat transfer, depending on the substance.

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Spin a tub of liquid nitrogen to create a vapor vortex. You can float paper boats or other lightweight objects in the maelstrom. Pour a cup of liquid nitrogen into about a liter of warmed bubble solution to produce a mountain of bubbles. Pour a small amount of liquid nitrogen into a Pringles can and pop the lid on.

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Perhaps ask them if they have seen a liquid nitrogen demonstration before, or if they know what nitrogen is. Caution them that liquid nitrogen is so very cold that it will give them frostbite immediately, so not to touch it, and to be very cautious. Pour liquid nitrogen into bucket about 2-3 inches deep. place one racquetball in the nitrogen.

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