How to Spot the Source of a Roof Leak – House to Home Inspect Colorado

What to do: Your first step should be to further inspect the area to try and identify the extent of the mold and the source of the leak. No mold remediation is complete without locating and repairing any remaining building leaks, and no roof repair/restoration is quality work if it involves covering over mold contamination.

If mold is growing on an exterior wall or ceiling, first look for a leak in the wall or roof as a test for mold. Measure from the moldy area to a reference point like a door, then find the spot on the other side of the wall or ceiling. closely inspect nearby vents, roof flashing, decks, window wells and anywhere wood is rotting.

Roof leaks. Often, the first sign that there is an issue with a roof is water infiltration or leaking. Leaking can take many forms: it may be a slow drip, a large sudden flood, or you may simply find evidence of water getting in after a storm, such as water stains or mold growth in the attic.

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Home Inspection Training: How to find Stucco Problems Inspect the inside of the attic ceiling for water stains or trails. Follow the water trail or stain to its source. Make note of the area if there are no visible holes, as water might be getting under roof flashing and causing the leak. Inspect the roof’s exterior. Use a ladder to gain access to the roof.

Inspect the Attic or Roof Cavity for Signs of an ice dam leaks, Under-roof Condensation or Moisture Problem – How to inspect a building attic for evidence of ice dam leaks, condensation, frost, or moisture How to detect roof venting deficiencies, attic insulation defects, and attic condensation problems Questions & answers about detecting the cause of attic moisture, condensation, frost, leaks.

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When’s the best time to spot. sources of leakage. Sometimes, water that appears to be the result of a leaking window is really coming from another source altogether. Make sure that the source of.

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