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Americans Are United Against Partisan Gerrymandering Opposition to gerrymandering spans the country and party lines. Current and former elected officials have spoken out against the practice, and voters passed a record number of state-level redistricting reforms with bipartisan support in 2018. Learn more here.

Kavanaugh Surprises Redistricting Reformers – WhoWhatWhy: New Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh may be the new ‘swing vote’ as the court considers the constitutionality of gerrymandering.

The National democratic redistricting committee, which is led by former U.S. attorney general eric holder and backed by Obama, has 12 states, including Pennsylvania, on its target list for 2018. Its goal in this battleground state, where all politics are local but shape the nation: Keep the governor’s office and try to flip the state House and state Senate.

The Princeton Election Consortium is partnering with StatX to bring to you a way to get our data updates automatically. The StatX app can provide you with all the key outputs on our calculations, updated five times a day: the EV snapshot, current Senate and.

Brett Kavanaugh surprises redistricting reformers Salon – Celia Wexler Good news for reformers trying to take the politics out of drawing legislative boundaries: The two cases of partisan redistricting now before the Supreme Court are so blatant, they almost scream "unconstitutional."

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That approach won’t work if the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court surprises the nation by throwing out the. co-sponsored five bills over eight years to create independent redistricting.

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He’s quick to outline the ways in which he’s used the GOP tax reform, for example. Donnelly ended up voting against Brett Kavanaugh earlier this month, after much equivocation. As one close.

Redistricting reform plans drafted by the legislature and referred to the voters for approval by referendum have the best success rate. 2 In fact, most redistricting commissions have been approved as legislature-referred amendments. 3 These commissions are usually set up so that members are appointed by some combination of state legislative.

The nine-member court heard oral arguments on March 26 to strike down redistricting maps in Maryland and North Carolina. The cases are "about as perfect as you can get" to illustrate extreme partisanship in redrawing legislative lines, Michael Li, senior redistricting counsel for the Brennan Center for Justice, told WhoWhatWhy.

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