NC’s bears are now opening car doors, creating costly and comical encounters

During the kitchen scene, it may seem very convenient for Tim that the freezer door is already open, and there is ice on the floor that causes the Raptor to slip. However, it actually makes perfect sense, and shows considerable attention to detail. Since the power had been cut off the night before, the freezer would slowly start to defrost.

WATCH: Bear opens minivan doors, gets inside for romp with cubs in the Adirondacks. The most impressive part is that mama bear strolls up and opens both the sliding door and the driver side door with her paw using just the door handles. The scene doesn’t end there, however. Shortly after mama finds her way into the minivan, four little bear cubs amble out of the woods to join her for a romp in the vehicle.

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Bears can open car doors and we’re all probably f**ked. In a cautionary tale about locking your goddamn doors when you drive through a nature preserve full of things that can kill you, one startling youtube video has revealed that bears -or at least the cultured ones in Yellowstone National Park-can open car doors with abundant ease.

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NC’s bears are now opening car doors, leading to strange driveway encounters. Twice in the past three weeks, bears have gotten into cars in communities west of Charlotte and couldn’t get out. The latest example happened Wednesday in North Asheville, when a bear got in a woman’s unlocked car and totaled the interior after what may have been an hours-long stay, reported TV station WLOS.

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